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*New for 2008.......The MIDI Partner 2 - with more features.

It's 2012 - MIDI Partner 2 is still the best value for money
Accordion expander !

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*Are you in America?
We can supply units for American standards
all you need is an American voltage power supply box !

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WEM MIDI interface for accordions.


Read Charlie Watkins personal intro to the 'Partner' as a pdf.
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The Watkins "MIDI Partner" Accordion MIDI Expander

MIDI Partner 2   What are the new features on the MIDI Partner 2? Click here

The WEM MIDI Partner.

Probably the easiest to use accordion sound module there is in the world ! 

 - so simple it's ideal for no-nonsense live use.

Check it out ! - is there any thing comparable in your part of the world ?

MIDI Partner can be supplied to work on your local mains power - (uses small external power supply).

Price of MIDI Partner 2 £625.

Fairly essential control pedals (set of 4) £125. 

Size ? An unbelievable 240 x 160 x 60 mm.

Weight ? An even more unbelievable 1Kg.

10 sounds for basses. 12 sounds for chords.

24 sounds for treble (layerable).

Manual Bass drum and Hi-Hat on Bass notes,

Snare drum and closed Hi-Hat on chords - called up by touch of a pedal.

Choose any of 4 sounds from pedals - silky right hand sound changes without leaving your keyboard.
4 footswitches assignable to any of the control buttons.

Instant control of all volumes Bass/ Chords/ Treble/ Master

Instant control of reverb levels.

Optional reception of MIDI control messages for Bellows pressure response of volume levels.

All preset sounds may be changed with sounds from the onboard selection of 128 sampled sounds.

Works on international standard MIDI channels, 1(Right-hand), 2(Chords), & 3(Bass), (4 for extra right-hand2, if you transmit it).

Designed and manufactured by WEM in the UK

No previous MIDI experience necessary - you start playing it straight away - 5 minutes !

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