Demonstrations and examples of the sounds on the Midi Partner MP1. 

This is a reduced size version of the demo CD for quick download. Call us if you want the full quality Free CD demo disc.

The files are all in MP3 format. (If you right-click your mouse and select 'Save Target As' - you can download the file to play later - a good option if you don't have 'broadband'. - though you may wish to do this anyway so you can have a good listen on your HiFi system.). They can take up to a minute to download so sit back and wait until the music player starts in your browser.

In all the demo files, the Midi Partner was recorded in one session directly (no multi tracking) with no other treatments just as in a live performance. Note how the drums follow the exact tempo as you slow down and speed up. There is the live accordion mixed in just as you would hear it. It is all just live Midi Partner and Accordion.

1. - Caroline

2. - Mary Waltz

3. - Irish Medley

4. - Nocturne

5. - Maypole Polka

6. - Scottish Medley

7. - Jolly Jester

8. - Bass Patterns

 1.) The Midi Partner in GM (General MIDI) mode playing a MIDI file from a computer. This is not a typical accordion accompaniment but shows some other sounds in the unit.  Note that Midi Partner is a Mono not stereo output unit as its main use is not as a stereo GM module.

Midi Partner in GM mode playing a MIDI file. (File size 1.6MB) =>

GM Demo 1.

We will add more accordion and Midi Partner demos as soon as we can to give you an idea of the quality and versatility of the unit.

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